IDA Hacking Tutorial

A little more sharing from Playberries themselves.

Before starting you may want to have there software:

In this tutorial we are going to use Infection’s Binary

IDA Hacking Tutorials by

Well then, that’s about it, hope you enjoy the hack from our guest.


What about Computer Viruses and Hack

Even though, our pest control doesn’t include computer viruses, we love to learn to prevent one.

A hacker from Playberries.COM have suggested that the best way to learn how a virus work is to know how it attacks and what’s the source of attack. Which is only logical if you think about it, since you can only put up the best defensive measurement if you know how your enemy functions. This speaks the same truth for pest control as well, we gotta know where the source is to eliminate the pest completely and leave you at ease.


Playberries is actually an indie game developer but have recently shift to a new direction which is game hacking. We know these guys since we have been contracted by them to do some pest controlling in their new office.

They are actually doing hacking in order to learn and come up with better security and preventive measure for game studios, so their game can be more secure from easy security breach.

Their method of hacking ranges from, jailbreaking, patching the app with modded apk and deb. Also they really have great ways in injecting SQL to the game server and using proxy Charles to bypass some server authentication.

They claim that hacking games isn’t really hard and some can even use a premade cheat engine to do so like, Xmodgames, SBgamehacker, IDA pro, FLEX…  And some doesn’t even need to get their phone jailbroken or rooted. It’s really amazing how these kids are able to figure all this out.

Words come up that these kids are actually winner of some hackathon challenge near my aunt’s town. Here’s a link to that article and I’ll leave the rest to your own judgement:

Click here Playberries’ IDA Hacking Tutorial

Beside Pest Extermination?

What would we do beside pest extermination? This blog is especially dedicated for that purpose. We wanna share the most interesting stuffs that we encounter during our pest control journey.

For example, like the Chikungunya virus, I bet you’ve never heard of it!


The Chikungynya virus outbreak was first described around 1950s. Common symptoms are fever and join pain and other symptoms such as headache, joint swelling or rash and muscle pain. If you are unfortunate, the joint pain may last for several month even after treatment.

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